CACTVS (pronounced cactus) is an art and design label created by illustrator and animator Chloe Pisani. Bold colours and neons feature prominently in Chloe’s work which is often inspired by pop culture. New to the market, we look forward to seeing Chloe’s brand grow!

Carey Potter


Visitors to the market may recall sitting in one of Carey Potter's iconic Roca Chairs! A long time stall holder at the market Carey is known for his talent as an oil painter, creating a broad range of works with wide appeal. 

Carey is also available to create custom-made furniture, fittings, signage and other bespoke objects. Come by the market to chat with Carey about your next creative project!



Hanna Mancini is a Melbourne based illustrator, crafter, procrastinator and Rose Street Market favourite. Her creative label 'Hannakin' (originally a nickname of hers) encompasses a wide range of things she makes and does, including; archival quality prints of her original whimsical watercolour and collage illustrations; gift cards; hand sewn pure wool felt brooches; and one-off art dolls made with quality new and recycled fabrics and trims.

She is hugely inspired by children's book illustrations, stories and characters, both whimsical and silly, and also loves to recycle. She gets excited by vintage fabrics and scraps of paper of different colours and textures, and finds inspiration and uses for all manner of bits and bobs. It is important too that her work remains fresh and interesting, and so no two of her textile pieces are exactly the same. Each doll is a one of a kind art piece, and they change and evolve as she is inspired by new things and her skills are refined.

Hanna finds the market to be a fantastic way to connect with and spread her customer base. She enjoys talking about her processes and inspirations to those who are interested, and finds it an effective way to test and gauge interest in her different products.

Greg Mann


An interview with Greg Mann - Jeweller. "As a student of the arts, I was attracted to working with textural details, ending with a Fine Art degree in Gold and Silver smithing. My development towards a professional career has often been a process of making the common place more precious.

My inspirations involve an environmental awareness believing in the need to recycle - and upcycle discarded things to create more desirable objects.

A continual process of collection, collation and planning is a result of responses to the items found. The studio has an inevitable stream of new works produced and an ever broadening range of collections in the works.

Holding market stalls offers me an interface with the public that helps my business in many ways. Not only do I gauge reactions to my work, but also the exposures to increase my networks."

Sø! indesign


Christina Jønsson is a Melbourne based designer who works out of her studio in Fitzroy. Here she thoughtfully creates her garments that hold a charming and timeless appeal, yet with a contemporary twist & a taste for the unusual! Her interests lie in themes of nature, landscape, the industrial, line, pattern, colour and texture, each of these elements show strongly in her work. Combining machine and handmade elements, 'So! indesign' garments express a strong sense of the feminine form and are carefully designed to enhance the body, while still offering functionality.

Christina has proudly earned a reputation for producing high quality pieces that embrace individuality and go against the idea of mass consumption, she aims to create works that appeal to those that enjoy owning garments with meaning, everlasting pieces that people will treasure and enjoy for years to come.

Christina has excitingly just finalised the quintessential summer wardrobe, showcasing wrap dresses, tops, skirts & pants in wild cottons & cotton/silk.

Christina holds The Rose St. Artists' Market in high regard - "Not only does it host a wonderment of creative quality goodies, but it’s a space made for ‘you’ to explore, enjoy, buy that special something for you or a lucky receiver, chat with us the makers & support our fabulous local talent!" So why not come say hello to Christina this weekend?!