Jewellery Design



Designer Jenna Cavarra centres her unique aesthetic between the city and the coast, based on places she has loved and lived - Byron Bay, London, New York, Thailand, South Gippsland and of course a touch of Melbourne.

Forever inspired from the arts, cultural diversity, travel, past fashion and music, these elements combined resonate through each and every unique piece to create a contemporary take on the bohemian style.

With signature vintage Afghan brass and coins, beautifully cut semi precious stones and carefully sourced luxurious velvets, CAVARRA is a luxe bohemian brand for women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.




I'm  an illustrator and ceramic designer working with porcelain clay, creating one-off wearable objects and small vessels. I further use these works to create my limited edition prints and gift cards. I studied printmaking and photography at RMIT (Melbourne) and did a very short stint in the gold and silversmith department at RMIT a few years later. I'm a self taught ceramicist. I like to explore themes of uncertainty, and the small unseen aspects in everyday life. I'm very interested in silence and quiet pauses in time.

I like to paint small moments in time. It's an extension of my photography work but with my painting I'm illustrating what I feel and imagine and not what can be seen though a camera lens.

I have started working on small sculptural forms which are hand formed in porcelain which compliment my more functional wearable works and vessels.

My stall at Rose st has been invaluable in helping me build a loyal customer base. It offers the opportunity to be able to introduce new work and get instant feedback, see what works and what goes unnoticed. It's like having a open studio every Saturday. It's a great place to catch up with other artists and designers which is important if you are working alone all week in your studio as I am.

Emerald Green Submarine


As an Interior Designer turned jewellery maker, Nicole of Emerald Green Submarine brings simplicity and playfulness to her Australian made designs. She is passionate about bringing the healing properties of colour to her customers in a contemporary framework. Nicole is stimulated by the power of colour and shades as a transformational device to enhance ones mood which combined with her passion for architectural model making, inspires her designs. She enjoys working with her hands in a miniature framework to create striking structural shapes and forms that maintain the soft touch of a handcrafted line.

As a spin off from her 2012 collection 'transformations', she is now working on a new range inspired by Crop Circles and UFO's - circles and elliptical forms combined with 925 sterling silver - simply and fun designs for everyone.

Nicole credits the market with giving her a direct relationship with her customers, where she gets to be part of the joy her designs bring. As well as nourishing her creatively, it gives her a regular income which allows her to continue doing what she loves!