Mia Freeman

Inspired by a passion for animals and a love of native flora, Mia is a Melbourne based artist and illustrator whose work playfully brings our awareness back into the natural world. She works mainly with watercolours, pencil, pen and acrylic, and is always experimenting with new ways to connect with her environment. Her work is gentle and warm, using a calming palette and intricate detail. Mia finds great joy in capturing all she sees around her and finds her two pet snails Humphrey and Lauren to be the most dependable life models.

Tarn Watkinson

Tarn Watkinson Illustration

Inspired by nature, space, the ocean and repetition, Tarn Watkinson creates intricate and often peculiar worlds with a super fine liner on paper. His black and white drawings are full of life and adventure. 

Originally from New Zealand, via seven years travelling the world, we're happy to have Tarn and his artwork in Melbourne. 

Sophie McPike

Sophie McPike

Ever since she made a fantastic train with eyelashes out of toilet rolls, tissue boxes, coloured circles, and wool, Sophie knew that her busy hands had to create things at every little opportunity.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Sophie has endeavoured to pursue a creative life at all times. She has studied visual arts and also Animation & design. She delights in capturing melancholic moods and the passing magic and myth of nature, animals, small moments in time, light and shadow in her work.

Sophie's recent works include glitter and resin vessels and converting her illustrations into enamel pins. 



Hanna Mancini is a Melbourne based illustrator, crafter, procrastinator and Rose Street Market favourite. Her creative label 'Hannakin' (originally a nickname of hers) encompasses a wide range of things she makes and does, including; archival quality prints of her original whimsical watercolour and collage illustrations; gift cards; hand sewn pure wool felt brooches; and one-off art dolls made with quality new and recycled fabrics and trims.

She is hugely inspired by children's book illustrations, stories and characters, both whimsical and silly, and also loves to recycle. She gets excited by vintage fabrics and scraps of paper of different colours and textures, and finds inspiration and uses for all manner of bits and bobs. It is important too that her work remains fresh and interesting, and so no two of her textile pieces are exactly the same. Each doll is a one of a kind art piece, and they change and evolve as she is inspired by new things and her skills are refined.

Hanna finds the market to be a fantastic way to connect with and spread her customer base. She enjoys talking about her processes and inspirations to those who are interested, and finds it an effective way to test and gauge interest in her different products.