Hanna Mancini is a Melbourne based illustrator, crafter, procrastinator and Rose Street Market favourite. Her creative label 'Hannakin' (originally a nickname of hers) encompasses a wide range of things she makes and does, including; archival quality prints of her original whimsical watercolour and collage illustrations; gift cards; hand sewn pure wool felt brooches; and one-off art dolls made with quality new and recycled fabrics and trims.

She is hugely inspired by children's book illustrations, stories and characters, both whimsical and silly, and also loves to recycle. She gets excited by vintage fabrics and scraps of paper of different colours and textures, and finds inspiration and uses for all manner of bits and bobs. It is important too that her work remains fresh and interesting, and so no two of her textile pieces are exactly the same. Each doll is a one of a kind art piece, and they change and evolve as she is inspired by new things and her skills are refined.

Hanna finds the market to be a fantastic way to connect with and spread her customer base. She enjoys talking about her processes and inspirations to those who are interested, and finds it an effective way to test and gauge interest in her different products.