We’re on the lookout for creative and colourful market stalls showcasing a variety of lovingly handmade art, design, fashion, jewellery, homewares, home baked sweets, tasty treats and artisanal produce.

Get involved in our ALL NEW Punt Road Makers’ Market - applications are now open!


We’re on the lookout for locally handmade art, design and food based products. All applicants will be reviewed on the quality of their work, uniqueness of work to the market, and the product mix on display for requested dates.


Art and design Per Day :: $110 inc GST.
Take home food :: $110 inc GST.
Hot food ::$220 inc GST.

Parking included in price.



Each stall is 3x3m.

The market is fully outdoors, so we recommend having a marquee/umbrella for shelter.

Stalls are strictly limited.

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When The Punt Road Makers' Market takes place each once per month from 10am - 3pm. Specific market dates are listed in the application form. Stall Size Stall size is 3x3m. Hours The market runs from 10am until 3pm. Setup can commence at 7.30am ready for trade at 9.45am. Shelter As the market is outdoors, we recommend you bring your own umbrella or marquee. Parking Free stallholder car parking is located on the Punt Road premises. Criteria Stallholders will be selected on the basis of quality of work and uniqueness of work. We're currently on the lookout for locally made/designed art, jewellery, homewares, clothing and tasty treats. Stall Payments Full stall payments must be made within 7 days of confirmation to secure your stall site. Market Cancellations Where adverse conditions means we need to pack up the market early or cancel entirely, full refunds or stall credits are given. Other Regulations and Terms 1. Stall allocations are made at the discretion of Management. 2. Stalls cannot be transferred, sublet or sold to any other person, nor can they be shared without written approval. 3. All products offered for sale must be as described and approved during the application process. 4. Stallholders who’s products are clearly imported or purchased from a wholesaler or are deemed inappropriate (eg: discriminatory or offensive) will be asked to leave immediately. 5. New products can not be added to stall unless prior written approval is given by Management. 6. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure they conform to any safety and compliance standards pertaining to their product. 7. All products and stall presentation must be of a high standard. 8. Each stallholder should supply their own current $10,000,000.00 Public Liability insurance. 9. Fees must be paid by due dates set by Management and failure to pay the stall fee on time is a breach of these regulations and all bookings will be cancelled. 10. Stallholders must ready to trade at the commencement of the trading hours and must continue trading until the market closing time. Any Stallholder seen to be packing up their stand before the scheduled close time without prior approval will have their subsequent bookings terminated with no further correspondence being entered into. 11. Written notification of any non-attendance is required no later than 7 days prior to your booked market day. If no notification is given then all future bookings will be cancelled. 12. Notification of non-attendance on actual market day should be made via SMS to 0414803228. 13. A full stall credit will be provided where more than two weeks notice was given. 14. No refunds are given for cancellations that occur 7 days before a market day or for cancellations received on market days. 15. The market is fully covered thus will operate in varying weather conditions and stallholders must be prepared for adverse weather. 16. At the discretion of Management, the market may close earlier if conditions deem this necessary. 17. Stallholders may seek Management permission to pack up their stall early due to adverse weather conditions. 18. If the market is cancelled prior the market day, stallholders will be notified via email as soon as the decision is made. 19. Management will not be held responsible for any loss including fees paid by stallholders, damage or injury whatsoever resulting from adverse weather conditions. 20. Smoking is not permitted at any stall site. 21. Stallholders are required to remove their own rubbish and waste from their immediate stall location. Boxes & cartons must be removed from market area. The waste bins provided at the markets are for the general public use only. 22. Stallholders are responsible for leaving their site and surrounding area clean, tidy and undamaged. 23. Stallholders must provide their own table covers and stall display which must be in good working order and operated safely. Management do not provide any stall equipment, they only provide site area. 24. All stall equipment including racks, tables, signage etc must be contained to the stall site boundaries. Public walkways must be clear at all times. 25. Covers and all stall equipment must be erected securely and weighted or secured at all times regardless of the weather. 26. Food stallholders must comply with all relevant local, state & federal health regulations and food acts including registration with Streatrader. 27. Stallholders must respond co-operatively to any direction given by Management in relation to the operation and occupation of their stall, equipment, goods and vehicle during operating times and any direction of a security or safety nature. 28. Stallholders must not act in a verbally or physically abusive, dangerous, or disruptive manner and if so it will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination. 29. Stallholders must ensure that their activities do not endanger the safety or security of any other stallholders or visitors at the market. 30. Stallholders must report to the Management any incident or accident to any person or property that involves loss or could be expected to give rise to a claim. Without limiting the generality of these terms, the stallholder acknowledges and agrees the Manager is not liable for any claim or loss suffered or incurred by the stallholder in relation to or in connection with: 1. Theft or damage of products, equipment or goods under the control of the stallholder or any other property of the stallholder at any time including times when the market is not trading. 2. Any failure by the stallholder to sell the approved products; 3. Any journey from or to the market; 4. Anything occurring off the market site, including anything that occurs at market; or 5. Damage or injury to any property or person.