Saturday Application

2018 Saturday Autumn

If you're having troubles applying online or if you're applying on a smartphone, please email details to
  • Description and Nature of Work

    Let us know what you do and how you do it! We're interested in how you make your product, your inspirations and what makes your product unique. * Attached up to 5 images of your work below.
  • Regularity of Attendance

  • Please Check Preferred Date/s

    Select only the date(s) you'd like to attend the market. You can choose as many or as few dates as you'd like.
  • Terms and Conditions

    1. If successful, stallholders/performers must adhere to the terms and conditions in this contract.
    2. The Rose St. Artists' Market will not accept responsibility for expenses arising from theft and damage of artwork and goods whilst within the confines of the market.
    3. The Rose St. Artists' Market will not accept responsibility for death or injury to any person whilst in the confines of the market.
    4. Stalls shall be displayed in a professional manner and with a quality that shall enhance both artwork/goods and Market aesthetic alike.
    5. Set up and dismantling of stalls shall adhere to times outlined by the market and should be done with due consideration to noise emissions.
    6. All packaging materials and rubbish will be taken home with stallholders after hours.
    7. All fees and Deposits must be paid within 7 days of receipt of confirmation.
    8. Stallholders or stallholder representative must man stalls at all times.
    9. Food & beverage stallholders must hold food handling permits and must adhere to all hygiene regulations. Food stalls must meet Health Department Regulations.
    10. Stallholders must not engage in dangerous activities that will place other stallholders and patrons at risk of injury or death.
    11. Performers engaging in dangerous activities must carry their own Liability Insurance.
    12. Stallholders must notify The Rose St. Artists' Market in writing at least 7 days prior to any changes to their booked market date(s).
    13. The Rose St. Artists' Market will not credit or refund stall fees to Stallholders for failing to attend their scheduled market date(s) for any reason whatsoever.
    14. No spruiking by stallholders will be accepted at any time.
    15. The Rose St. Artists' Market can terminate this agreement on one weeks notice, in writing.
    16. Each stallholder should supply their own current $20,000,000.00 Public Liability insurance.